Precision Engineering Services in Oxford

Precision Engineering Services in Oxford

Precision Engineering Services in Oxford

Precision Engineering Services in Oxford

Precision Engineering Services in Oxford


Over of manufacturing experience, expertise & equipment

At ASHBY Precision Engineering, we provide a variety of different precision engineering and manufacturing services, including CNC machining, 5 Axis Milling, CNC Turning Anodising, Painting, Inspection, Testing, CMM Inspection, Welding & Soldering.

For more than 40 years, we have delivered a premium quality service to our wide plethora of clients, from small local companies to international corporations.

Our client base is varied and ASHBY offer you the complete package from design, manufacture, assembly and completion, all under one roof.

in the following processes

Our experience, expertise and equipment allow us to specialise in several processes, including:

  • CNC Multi-Axis Machining
  • 3Y Axis Turn Spindles
  • 5 Axis Milling
  • 4 Axis + 1 Turning Machining
  • Vertical CNC Milling
  • Vertical and Horizontal CNC Milling
  • CNC Mill/Turn
  • CNC Turning (including sliding head)
  • Development and Consultancy
  • Management of External Services, such as Anodising, Painting and Heat Treatments
  • Consignment and KANBAN stock
  • Inspection and Testing (including CMM inspection)
  • Welding and Soldering
  • Vacuum Leak Testing
  • Grinding
  • Wire Erosion
  • Metal Finishing and Cleaning
  • Cryogenic Assemblies (Cryostats, Helium and Nitrogen Probes, Syphons and Manifolds)
  • Mechanical Assemblies
  • Prototyping

In addition to this, we are able to create bespoke or prototype parts, as well as components made to your exact specifications.


We manufacture Components & Parts

ASHBY specialises in creating precision-engineered parts that are tailored towards your unique specifications. With over 40 years of experience, ASHBY is able to offer a wide variety of parts, including:

  • Small flanges
  • Spigots
  • Large shafts
  • Poles and housing
  • Specialist precision metal parts


The components we manufacture can be used across a variety of different applications and industries, with many parts being made to order with the shortest possible lead time. We also pride ourselves on producing your unique precision-engineered parts to the highest possible standard, ensuring that you get exactly the products you require.


Using ASHBY for Regular Production Requirements

Do you require precision-engineered components on a regular basis? At ASHBY Precision Engineering we provide a KANBAN consignment stocking service that allows us to provide you with the parts you need, in the quantities you want, whenever you need them.

Talk to us about bespoke or prototype items or choose from a variety of products, including:

  • Small flanges
  • Dewar test syphons
  • Small and large bore syphons
  • Supercon magnet supports and ancillaries
  • Trollies and frames
  • Bellows, elbows, formers and vent lines
  • Metal manufacturing
  • Individual prototype parts
  • Cryogenic cryostats, nitrogen and helium probes
  • Cans and ultra-low temperature systems


At ASHBY Precision Engineering, we understand that our customers demand the highest possible quality from their precision-engineered components. In order to ensure the overall quality of our products, we have a highly detailed quality management system. This is confirmed by our ISO9001:2015 Quality Assurance Accreditation.

Sectors we work for include:-






 If you have a project, talk to one of our experienced sales team